Connectability takes the security of its customers and of its customers’ data very seriously. As such, we have implemented a set of policies and controls to ensure that customer data is protected at all times.

These policies and controls include the following:

  1. No information about our customers is kept onsite in electronic format at any time. All customer information is in cloud repositories such as Intuit QuickBooks and Microsoft Office 365 which provide both MFA-based access controls and data encryption.
  2. At no time is any of our customers’ data removed from their environments except for the occasional, short-term equipment repair in our secure facility and with the express consent of the client.
  3. Connectability’s offices maintain strict access control. During operating hours, there is always someone at our reception desk, and after hours our facilities are locked and equipped with a monitored intrusion alarm. Moreover, access to our building and our floor is controlled by access fobs.
  4. All customer cloud data, including backups, is encrypted in transit and at rest.
  5. Customer access information is granted only to authorized individuals, and credentials are stored in a cloud repository requiring MFA authentication and using AES-256 encryption.
  6. Access credentials are removed immediately upon the resignation or termination of employees.
  7. Connectability employs all of the cyber security tools that we offer to our customers within our in-house environment. These include a Sophos next-generation firewall, advanced antivirus software, intrusion detection and remediation, zero-trust solutions, email filtering, and MDR.
  8. Remote access to all of our cloud portals is tightly controlled and reviewed regularly.
  9. Connectability performs a monthly vulnerability scan and penetration test on our internal networks.