Who is a Good Referral for Us?

  • Must be an organization with at least 10 computer users within the Greater Toronto Area.
  • They must be the CEO/Executive Director/Administrator.
  • They’re in these industries (referrals aren’t limited to these): financial services, real estate, property management, wholesale distribution, or manufacturing.

Where Can You Find People to Refer?

  • Other groups you are in. (Chamber’s, Industry Groups, Boards and Committees you are on, etc.)
  • Your clients or other vendors you are working with.

How to Refer Someone to Us

  • Personally make the introduction by speaking to the contact either by phone or in person and letting them know we will be reaching out.
  • Make an introduction via email by cc’ing us in the email and we will take it from there.
  • Lastly, fill out the form
  • We want to make it SUPER EASY for you to refer others to us. If you know of a way that we can bring our message and services to a larger group, we’ll create a marketing campaign to assist in getting the word out — be it a webinar, seminar, mailing, or even a special discount for the members of a group you belong to — on our own dime.

What is the Referral Amount?

  • You’ll get Apple Airpods if your referral books and meets for an IT Cybersecurity Risk Assessment with our team, even if they don’t buy.
  • If your referral becomes a client, we’ll up the reward to $1,000 (Not just the Airpods)!
  • The one-on-one Consultation is FREE, and we guarantee your referral will receive value even if they decide that we are not the right fit for them.

Save a friend from their IT worries today!

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