Improve communication by dealing with VoIP issues

July 22nd, 2019

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are cheaper and more efficient than regular phones and businesses are jumping on board. However, transitioning without a plan can cause a range of issues that many business owners never expected. Here are a few you should keep in mind. Poor call quality Complicated and frustrating VoIP system […]

What Office Delve does for Office 365 users

July 19th, 2019

Office 365 is a cloud-based productivity suite that is popular with small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It’s offered in a wide variety of subscription plans, making it even more popular among businesses. To deal with users’ concerns with storing/accessing data within Office 365, Microsoft has released Office Delve. What is Office Delve? Office Delve is […]

Connectability Is Toronto’s Best Managed Services Provider of 2019

July 18th, 2019

We are honoured to announce that, for the second consecutive year, Consumer Choice Awards has selected Connectability as Toronto’s Best Managed Service Provider. Consumer Choice Awards is the only organization in Canada that utilizes independent market research firms to determine brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and business excellence.

Analytics are critical for effective data backups

July 17th, 2019

Collecting data is vital for keeping records, tracking performance, and delighting customers. With so much on the line, it’s never been more important to have backups of all your files. If your data is growing at a rate that’s hard to keep up with, analytics tools are an awesome way to figure out which backups […]

7 Tips for IoT Security

July 16th, 2019

When you have a busy life, and are constantly on the go, anything that can save you time is a blessing. You might not have heard of it, but the Internet of Things (IoT) is one way you can leverage technology to simplify your life. The Internet of Things is basically a collection of internet connected devices that “talk” to one another – allowing you to manage all aspects of your life directly from your smartphone.

Beware of distributed spam distraction

July 15th, 2019

It’s frustrating to receive dozens of spam messages in your email inbox. Spam mail is so easy to delete, which is why most people think it’s just a harmless annoyance. But hackers have devised a way to make use of spam mail for criminal purposes. It’s called distributed spam distraction, and here’s what you need […]

How To Secure Your IoT Devices

July 15th, 2019

Picture this. You wake up in the morning, grab your smart phone and turn on your lights. You go to your bathroom, brush your teeth, while at the same time turning on your coffee maker – all from your smartphone. You hop into your smart shower, and while washing off you catch up on the day’s news.

What Google Assistant can do for you

July 12th, 2019

Before there was Google Assistant, there was Google Now. In 2016, it replaced Google Now as the virtual assistant (VA) in the Google app for Android and iOS. The updated VA offers plenty of functionalities to Google device users. Here are a few that you should take advantage of. Locate the best route to any […]

Is virtualization right for your company?

July 11th, 2019

Virtualization has become a popular solution for many businesses to back up servers, upgrade hardware, or move to the cloud. Deploying virtualized systems has proven cost-effective and efficient for many companies, but is it right for your organization? Here are some factors you ought to consider. The advantages One of the most significant advantages of […]