Multiplatform support

Connectability understands that every business has unique technology requirements. And different technologies require different skills. With our years of experience, depth of knowledge and team of experts, the result is seamless support for many different kinds of business technologies.

Whether you need help deploying a complex Linux-based ERP infrastructure or are looking to integrate your Macs with your Windows network, we can get you up and running in no time.

We’re very focused on gaining real expertise, not just a level of familiarity. Because of our expertise and our focus on continued education we have the skills to be a one-stop-shop for all your IT needs!

Can your IT provider support all of these technologies? Connectability can!

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We are pioneers in the commercial use of Linux and work with both Windows and Macintosh machines daily. Every member of our team is well versed in multiple platforms, and are dedicated to providing you with the support you deserve - nothing less.

A typical IT environment that Connectability might service could include:

  • Windows 2012 Server for file sharing
  • Windows 2008 Server for email
  • Linux Server for ERP software
  • Windows 7 PCs for business functions
  • Windows 8.1 laptops
  • Macintosh OS X desktop computers for the Design department
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