You’re Doing It All Wrong: Household Tips

If you’re mounting your TV over a fireplace, you’re doing it all wrong!

I get it, it’s a nice open space on the wall, it’s not being used for anything else, and frankly, it just looks good. So why shouldn’t you mount your TV there?

Well the answer is actually quite simple. First of all, placing your TV over your fireplace can raise the operating temperature of your TV, shortening its life span as a result.

Similarly, it can also have an effect on the inner workings of the TV. Soot and dust can build up, lowering performance and increasing the risk of failure.

If you’re saying “But I don’t use my fireplace,” there’s one last thing to consider. Have you ever sat in the front row of a movie theatre? If you have you know that the ideal viewing angle for a TV is eyelevel or slightly below eye level. Mounting your TV so high will force you to strain your neck to see, which can result in headaches and neck pain.

To avoid these issues, simply mount your TV lower, or place it on a stand. Although you’ll need a bit more floor or counter space, it ensures your TV will last longer, and will reduce the strain on your neck. If you want your electronics to perform well and last a long time this may be an important consideration.