Why So Slow? Internet Connection Issues

Does your Internet connection seem perpetually slow?

The solution could be easier than you think!

When you sign a contract with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) you are locking in a guaranteed price for a guaranteed speed.

But what you may not realize is that large ISP’s like Bell and Rogers are constantly upgrading their networks to provide faster connections.

Unfortunately, because ISP’s have a finite amount of bandwidth to sell, they actually benefit from keeping you on a slower connection.

If you’re on a long term contract, we recommend that you call your ISP and ask them what speeds they are offering in your area and how much it would cost.

Unless you installed your service very recently, chances are that you can get a faster connection for less money than you’re paying now.

Most ISP’s will allow you to upgrade your plan while you’re still under contract.

And if you’re not locked into a long term contract you should look into vendors like Primus, TekSavvy, ICA, TeraGo, and Telus. It’s also worth checking with Bell and Rogers as their plans could have changed.

Since ISP’s have no incentive to improve your connection speeds you must be proactive and do the research.

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