Technology can work in one of two ways: it can help you build a more profitable, efficient and successful business, or it can be a frustrating, expensive and time-consuming bottleneck. That’s why so many Toronto area businesses outsource management of their technology to Connectability – we help remove technology barriers, so you can focus on supporting your clients and growing your business.

Top 10 Reasons you can depend on Connectability to keep you and your business up and running:



Many companies can “fix computers.” But managing an entire IT infrastructure, particularly one of significant size, requires more than just technical skills. At Connectability, we believe that IT management requires clearly defined, repeatable processes to be successful. Otherwise, it’s simply haphazard guesswork. That’s why our engineers follow a comprehensive set of process documents and checklists for everything they do.


25 Year Track Record

Since 1995, Connectability has been providing IT support and services to businesses in the Toronto area.


Your Technology Partners

At Connectability, we do a lot more than just resolve IT issues. We act as your Technology Partner. We meet with our clients regularly to discuss productivity improvements, opportunities for cost reductions, and ways technology can help drive better business results.


Money Back Guaranteed

We stand behind our work with a 100%, 60-day money back guarantee, as well as a 120-day cancellation guarantee on all 3 year service agreements. For more information, check out our Service Guarantees page.



We operate a fully staffed help desk during business hours, and always have overflow Network Engineers available to assist. If you have an issue, just give us a call or send us an email and one of our engineers will be happy to help.


You Have A Primary Engineer

All our clients are assigned a Primary Network Engineer and a Backup Network Engineer. Your primary and backup engineers will have experience with your environment and can therefore resolve issues more quickly. With Connectability, you get a white-glove personalized experience from someone who knows you well, along with the expertise of an entire team of IT professionals.


Vendor Management

While we don’t claim to be experts on all specialized line-of-business software, a key component of our role is to manage the relationship between you and your software vendor. If you have a problem, give us a call and we’ll take it from there!



Connectability monitors your computers, servers, and network 24/7 to ensure problems are recognized early and fixed FAST. Plus, we are always reviewing your environment to identify opportunities to reduce risk and improve up-time.


Service Experience

Technical competence is only one small component of delivering IT support services. It’s not enough for your IT provider to just fix IT issues – you also need to feel good about the experience. All our technicians receive ongoing training and coaching, with the aim of delivering professional, polite, patient and prompt service and support. We only hire seasoned, professional engineers with at least 5 years of experience, so we can support you better.



Many businesses use a mix of different technologies. For example, your accounting department might use Windows computers, your design team might use Mac’s, while your database is hosted on Linux. We believe that our customers need access to the most appropriate technology for their needs – regardless of the platform. Connectability has been supporting each of these platforms since our inception in 1995. We also have experience with Android, iOS, and even Blackberry.

The Result: Worry Free IT

The aim of ALL of the items above is to ensure that IT is always an afterthought. Having to worry about technology issues is a distraction for most business. Our goal is to help our customers focus 100% of their attention on building and running the very best business possible.

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