The 7 Deadly I.T. Sins Un-encrypted Files


If you’ve been watching the news it’s likely you’ve seen stories about data breaches at major retailers like Target, The Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase, and Sony.

Unfortunately these are simply the most well-known and recognizable data breaches. Small data breaches happen every day for one reason: NO FILE ENCRYPTION.

Without file encryption your private data could easily end up in the wrong hands, not only putting yourself at risk, but even more importantly, putting your customer’s data at risk. Even if your business can escape the threat unscathed your customers will undoubtedly leave you because they can no longer trust you to protect their identities.

One of the most important steps to encrypting your files is using an ENTERPRISE GRADE cloud backup solution. Although DropBox may do what you need it to, it is a consumer grade device with protection for consumer grade information, so it won’t stop a determined hacker. In fact, DropBox has already been breached, so it’s clear they aren’t as focused on security as many of the business specific platforms out there.

There are several alternatives to DropBox that offer better security in the form of 256-bit AES encryption (the same protection the military uses), as well as additional features like file locking, and infinite revision capturing.

One program we are fond of is made by a company named Anchorworks. Anchorworks is a large US based firm with data centres in both the US and Canada. Their cloud product is called Synced Tool and works as a document sharing platform for internal use and a backup application for external needs.

By using a cloud application with state-of-the-art security and a broad range of features you can protect your business in the event of a computer failure or a security breach, while at the same time seeing cost reductions and increased mobile functionality.

If you want to make sure all your data is backed up and protected from data breaches find yourself a highly rated business cloud provider, or call us at 416-966-3306 and we’ll be happy to help.