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  • Audit your current data protection including backup and restore procedures, tape rotations and maintenance schedule to see if there is anything jeopardizing your data’s security.
  • Review procedures for storing and transporting data. Many people don’t realize they damage their disks by improperly caring for their devices.
  • Check your network backup system to make sure it is accurately backing up all of the critical files and information you would NEVER want to lose.
  • Present a simple and easy to understand chart that will detail the makeup of your data, including the age and type of files you are backing up. Many companies are inadvertently using valuable computer storage to back up their employees’ personal MP3 files and movies.
  • Discuss current data protection needs and explain in plain English where your risks are. We know everyone has a different level of risk tolerance, and we want to make sure all the risks you’re taking with your data are by choice not because of miscommunication or accident.

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You can access a copy of our report “12 Little-Known Facts Every Business Owner Must Know About Data Backup, Security And Disaster Recovery” Below.



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