Story of the Month: Cloud Backup Saves the Day Again

Although not a client story, here’s a recent personal experience that explains why cloud backup is so business-critical for everyone in the modern era.

My daughter attends an American university and just this past Sunday, she called to tell me that her computer had crashed. After trying a few troubleshooting steps over the phone and sending her to a local computer store for a further assessment, we determined that her laptop had probably suffered a fatal error that would ultimately require a repair, followed by a complete reload.

And because she lives 1,500km away, that would probably take at least a week; an eternity for a busy student. Still worse, all of her school work was on the dead computer.

Not a problem! We grabbed a used laptop from our lab, connected it to her cloud backup and within a few hours, all of her files were restored. A few hours later, it was picked up by FedEx for delivery the next day. And within 48 hours, she had a working computer with all of her data.

That’s the level of service commitment that all our clients can expect from Connectability. Just as important, it’s a strong reminder of why cloud backup is so critically important. Without cloud backup she would have had no way of recovering her school work, likely resulting in penalties to her GPA.

In business the reality is even more horrific. We’ve seen many situations where a customer or prospect doesn’t understand the value of cloud backup until it is too late. Cloud backup, like business insurance, is there in case of emergency. It’s unlikely you’ll be robbed or have a fire, but what business owner would risk it.

We’ve found statistics online that demonstrate the risks of data loss. 31% of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control, and 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months. So if you’re not backing up your data to the cloud you’re not protecting your business.