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If you read the newspaper or surf the web it becomes painfully clear that cyber-attacks are happening every day. And the Google’s, Sony’s and Home Depot’s of the world aren’t the only ones being affected. What you don’t hear about are the attacks aimed at small and medium sized businesses like yours and mine. And let’s be honest, no SMB can afford nearly the level of security protection that a big business can. That’s why every SMB needs to have a plan in place to protect against data breaches, ransomware, and phishing attacks. Hackers are always looking for low-hanging fruit, so you DO NOT want to make yourself an easy target. That’s why we’re making this offer – we want to ensure your business is protected so you don’t have to!

Until Noon On October 22nd we’re offering the following:

  • 1) A FREE Dark Web scan to anyone who requests one.
  • 2) 15% off our cyber-security package (Advanced or Standard)
  • 3) 15% off the purchase of a Datto BCDR device
  • 4) 10% off each individual security tool
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