September Gadget of the Month:

BitDefender Box


In one of our earlier newsletters we mentioned the Internet of Things (IoT) and how new devices are being released every day to leverage the internet and make our lives easier. For example a laundry machine that can be turned on from a smartphone, or the thermostat that can be adjusted from your phone or laptop.

With the IoT comes an increased need for home security. If you can control your garage, locks, lights and cameras through WiFi then they’re all hackable.

The BitDefender Box, one of the first products designed to ward off home hackers, essentially acts as a very strong antivirus and antimalware program that filters your results before it ever reaches your devices.

The app also allows you to install updates, identify vulnerabilities, and make performance improvements remotely, all from the same app. With the app you no longer need to install updates and make changes on each and every device, you can just do it all from the same place.

It even allows you to turn on something called Private Line that protects your devices even when you’re connected to another Wi-Fi network.

The BitDefender is easy to install and costs only $200, a very reasonable price to pay to protect your home, especially if you have many internet connected devices.