Backup Audit Promotion: Protect Your Data!

Backups are critical. Everyone knows it. Unfortunately, when most people think of backup they only think of backing up the files they use on a daily basis. But what about active directory or archived email data?

Lots of companies have backups, but are they the RIGHT backups? Is all of your critical data being backed up, or are you missing something that could cost you time and money if you experienced a failure? Are your backups safe and offsite? Is your backup data actually usable? Can you share your backed up data with others in your company?

These are the questions that need to be answered to ensure your business is properly backed up and secure in the case of a disaster.

That’s why, until September 30, we’re offering a FREE, 2-hour backup audit to the first 10 businesses who sign up. We’ll make sure that you really are “disaster-proof”. We will come into your office, sit down with you to discuss the way you share and use files, evaluate the current network infrastructure, then identify key points of improvement, and finally, we will present our recommended backup solution and implementation plan. If we have time, we will also scan your network with our automated tools to identify other issues like lack of antivirus software, low disc space, improperly configured firewall, and malware intrusions.

Our cautionary tale this month demonstrates exactly why you need to be sure your backups are in place for EVERY piece of data in your company. If you are not careful you could easily be faced with significant downtime in the event of a disaster.

We have relationships with many of the top backup providers on the market, so we will only recommend the solution we feel offers you the best combination of features, price, and security, not the one that offers us the biggest bottom line.

This backup audit is no cost and no obligation. We will not employ high pressure sales tactics because frankly we don’t enjoy being “sold” any more than you do. We will simply evaluate, research and recommend a solution we feel will offer you the necessary functionality, while meeting your organizations budgets.

So don’t wait! To sign up NOW for your free backup audit call us at: 416-966-3306, or email [email protected] and put “Backup Audit” in the subject line.