Connectability Power Hour: Reduced Rates!

In our experience, IT is something that’s not a problem until it is. Small things go wrong on a daily basis, but they aren’t dealt with until they become a huge problem because they may have a limited budget.

That’s why we’re offering any break/fix customers a discount on our hourly rates. For every 2 hours of support services you buy we will throw in an extra half hour for free!

We find most businesses don’t contact an IT provider until things get desperate. This generally results in a higher support bill, days or hours of downtime, and reduced productivity in the interim. Your IT infrastructure requires constant support, so leaving it out to dry for weeks or months at a time has a consequence.

It’s also important to note that every IT issue that reduces employee efficiency will directly hurt your bottom line. So if a small issue has persisted for some time it’s likely it has reduced your profitability to some degree.

Our goal is to make sure our clients are looked after and getting the support they need even if they don’t have the budget for a full Managed Services plan.

For our infrequent customers this is your chance. If you have an IT issue, an overdue project, or would like some help evaluating a software package or a piece of hardware the best time to call is now.

Like any business we have limited resources so we can’t make this offer forever. This offer will be valid until October 31st to the first 15 businesses to reach out to us.