Offer of the Month: Don’t be unprepared for a disaster!

In this issue we’ve talked about the importance of being prepared if disaster strikes. In fact, if you’re in a government-regulated business or you have significant bank financing, you may be required to have a disaster recovery plan.

But even if it’s not mandatory, having a plan can mean the difference between surviving a disaster and a total business failure. Think about it: if you were unlucky enough to experience a fire, flood or vandalism, wouldn’t it be nice to have the comfort of knowing that you’ve planned for just such an eventuality? Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that, by following a simple document, you can put your business back on its feet?

Connectability wants to help you prevent a disaster - large or small - from turning into a total business failure. Of course, we can’t find you new premises, or replace your mementos. But we can help make sure that all of your business-critical data is safe and ready to use within hours of a disaster so that you can continue looking after your customers without missing a beat!

And because our business is helping your business, we are offering our Disaster Recovery Template, absolutely free of charge. To download your free copy just go


Now here’s an even better offer: we’ll help you complete your plan. If you’re on a Managed Services plan, it’s totally free. If you’re not, we’re offering a 35% discount off of our regular rates, but only until the end of June.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Download your plan right now and sleep easier!