October Gadget of the Month: Blocks Modular Smartwatch


This month we’re introducing the Blocks Modular Smartwatch. Effectively it’s a smartwatch that allows you to add and remove links based on your needs. It creates a device that is not only customizable for individual users, but also customizable based on certain activities.

For example, you may need different features for travel than going for a run. You may want to use a sim card link when travelling so you don’t need to bring your cellphone with you everywhere you go. For running you may want the Kinetic charger to charge the device with your movement, or the blood O2 sensor.

Blocks also aims to reduce waste. Instead of throwing out old technology you simply upgrade the pieces, reducing total waste. Google has been working on a project called Ara for years that has a similar premise, but instead of wearable tech it’s focused on smartphones.

If you are looking at the MOTO360 or the Apple Smartwatch this device may be something to consider. Although it not “better” per se than these other devices it does have a broader range of application options. It can monitor body temperature, perspiration, haptic feedback, altitude, heart rate, and if you are a heavy user you can even add an extra battery.

It hasn’t hit the market yet, but if you’re looking for heavily customizable wearable tech look no further!