Network Printer Promotion

How many times have you walked into an electronic store and marveled at how inexpensive personal printers have become?

These printers are cheap because the companies who manufacture them sell as a “loss leader”. They make their real money on sales of toner and ink. A new printer comes with a low-capacity “starter pack” of ink or toner. If your printer is used moderately, this may last as long as two months, or it may not.

And once the starter pack is finished, printer manufacturers start making their money. Did you know that the cheapest printer ink is still far more expensive per ounce than the finest French Champagne? And, in general, the cheaper the printer, the more expensive the toner on a per-page basis.

That’s why it’s always more efficient to buy a network printer for your office. Network printers are inherently more cost-efficient and reliable. With personal printers you have to buy toner for every printer, as well as setting up and maintaining each of them. And the more personal printers you have, the greater the chance that some of them will fail. And when you replace a failed printer, what do you do with the toner that you bought for it?

That’s why we’d like to offer you 5% off the purchase of a network printer, and 40% off installation of the printer. Obviously, if you’re a Managed Services client the installation is included.

We can’t offer this deal indefinitely, but if you call or email us about the offer before March 31, 2015, we’ll be happy to apply the appropriate discounts.

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