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While work from home policies have been around for a while, lots of businesses have never had to put them to the test – until now. Due to the Coronavirus, many businesses have closed their offices entirely, while others have asked a large portion of their staff to work from home. Being able to operate remotely means that many businesses can continue to offer their services to their clients – keeping their doors open and supporting their employees through this rocky social and economic period. But, how do you communicate effectively with your team when you are all in different places? For many companies, the simple answer is Microsoft Teams. Teams gives you and your employees the ability to instant message, group chat, and video conference from anywhere. You can even use it to access, share, and edit documents in real time using Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool, but unless you know how you can leverage its capabilities, it could increase complexity instead of reducing it. That's why we are providing a Quick Start Guide for Microsoft Teams. It doesn’t tell you how to do everything, but it should give you a good overarching understanding of what Teams can do, and how you can do it.

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