Managed Services makes $en$e

A Managed Services plan provides you with all of your IT services for a fixed monthly cost.

But funny enough, a lot of people we talk to seem to be under the impression that it will cost them more money in the long run.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Here are just a few recent examples over a 3-month period:

Customer Managed Services Cost Break/Fix (what they would have paid) Net Savings % Savings
Retailer 5,048.00 12,205.00 7,157.00 58.64
Graphics Designer 3,405.00 15,845.00 12,440.00 78.51
Security Firm 1,990.00 3,024.00 1,034.00 34.19

The smallest savings represented over one-third of what their billings would have been!

And that doesn’t take into account the cost savings from Proactive Monitoring. If you have a network outage, how much does it cost your business in lost productivity?

On a Managed Services plan, we are continually monitoring your networks. If there’s a problem, we’ll know about it before you do. And most of the time we’ll fix it before you’re even aware of it.