Leveraging new technology at Willow Breast & Hereditary Cancer Support


Willow Breast & Hereditary Cancer Support was founded in 1994 as a national, not-for-profit organization. Willow provides free-of-cost support, insight and information to anyone affected by breast cancer or hereditary cancer.

Willow endeavours to ensure that no one, from the individual diagnosed to their family and caregivers, needs to face breast cancer or hereditary cancer alone. Because everyone at Willow has been personally touched by cancer, they speak from experience. They understand the importance of timely access to unbiased and practical information, as well as considerate assistance and sensible encouragement. Willow provides confidential support with the strength, compassion and understanding that comes with hard-earned knowledge.

For more than a decade, Connectability has been working with Willow, helping them to leverage the benefits of Information Technology to improve their ability to serve their clients. Over the years we’ve helped Willow build a more effective email platform and deploy a series of new web sites among numerous other IT projects.

When Microsoft discontinued support for Windows XP earlier this year, Willow initiated a process to replace a number of their desktop computers with the latest technology. By doing so, they have ensured their ability to continue delivering world-class support services.

According to Danielle VandeZande, Willow’s Director of Support Services & Community Engagement, the new computers have “Dramatically improved the productivity and responsiveness of our support staff. We can’t wait for the next batch of upgrades to arrive.”

If your business is still relying on old technology, perhaps it’s time to consider upgrading.