June Client Story of the Month

We recently got a call from a new customer looking to resolve some technical issues. Their network was down, they had permission problems, needed to replace an old server, and had generally slow performance. It was a mess!

Unfortunately, the problem in many IT environments is not simply slow performance or network issues; those are symptoms of deeper problems. And, as a result, fixing most problems can end up taking a lot longer than the average client estimates, leading to frustration and unplanned costs.

In one week of service the customer incurred nearly $2,500 in costs, and the project isn’t complete yet. On a Managed Services plan the same customer would pay $1,000 per month, with the added benefits of AntiVirus software, AntiMalware software, RMM Software, Remote Access Software, Email Hosting, Cloud Backup and UNLIMITED onsite and remote support.

That’s why we recommend Managed Services. With Managed Services you never have to worry about IT problems developing because your network is remotely monitored and managed 24/7. No worrying about how long a particular project will take because all the labour is included. And no need to be afraid of support bills because all your costs are planned.

You also get unlimited consulting time, maintenance, project work, moves, and regular meetings with our team to discuss areas of improvement and technologies that offer tangible benefits. If you need a new line of business software and want help choosing a vendor, we’re there. Or if you need to move offices, no problem. Or you need to re-engineer your entire network, we’re just a call or email away.

We’ve analyzed a number of different environments to determine which solution is best, and every time Managed Services is more consistent and cheaper. In our study, one client saved 79% by choosing Managed Services and the very least a client saved was 34%. As business people we understand the temptation to compare short-term costs when choosing a provider, unfortunately when you do that, you miss the predictability, peace-of-mind, additional software that must be purchased, and, most important, the long-term cost savings.