Linux & Open Source

Linux and Open Source Service and Support

Making sure your Linux and Open Source products are working properly

Connectability provides services that fast-tracks and enables Linux system adoption for small and medium-scale businesses. Our integrated Linux solutions not only ensure that your business can leverage this cost efficient and open-sourced platform but also has the support it needs should something go wrong.

What is Connectability’s Linux and Open Source Service and Support?

Connectability's team of technicians augment your IT workforce and offer their Linux skills to ensure your servers and Linux systems function efficiently. Our pool of Linux-certified experts deal with Linux mission critical apps and Unix-based platforms, and are able to impart knowledge and advice in all aspects of the Linux operating system.

No Linux based issue is too complicated for Connectability's comprehensive and cost effective Linux support team.

Linux and Open Source Services from Connectability include:

  • Remote, server, and colocation support
  • Full Redhat, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian Linux support
  • Database
  • Application, mail and file servers
  • Development for existing Linux users
  • System protection, program patching, and maintenance

With Connectability, you will receive quality and cost-effective Linux and Open Source support for your business - we’ll help you turn Linux from a great idea into a working part of your business.

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