Hosted Exchange Email: Making The Switch?

How do you manage your business emails? Do you host your own Exchange server? Do you use a generic Gmail or Yahoo account? Or is your email hosted externally? If you have your own Exchange server or use a generic email platform, consider this:

We ran a cost comparison between owning your own server and using a hosted solution. Over six years, an office of 15 hosting their email internally would need to replace their server twice and would spend $8,620 more than with a hosted solution.

Costs (Over 6 yrs) Hosted Exchange Internal Exchange
Server Hardware $0 $6,000
Microsoft Exchange $0 $2,000 (2 licenses)
User Licenses $0 $3,600 (2 rounds)
Operating System $0 $2,600 (2 licenses)
Cloud Backup $0 $3,600 ($50/month)
Subscription Cost $9,180 (15 x $8.50 x 72 months) $0
Total $9,180 $17,800

The cost difference is huge. These figures are very conservative and don’t even include the labour for setup. In addition, if you host internally you will need to pay for updates and backup, both of which are included with hosted Exchange. Without updates you could be missing key features and without backup you could lose all your emails.

You could try using generic email platforms like Gmail and Yahoo. You can customize these accounts to look like business email, but they lack some of the key features in Exchange. Organizing your email is very important. It’s often difficult to find a message in your mailbox especially if you’re an email “pack rat”. That’s why Exchange allows you to organize emails into folders. Gmail allows you to organize with labels, but there are no sublabels, resulting in a one level hierarchy. We strongly recommend ANYONE who is self-hosting or using generic email move to a hosted Exchange solution.

Right now we’re offering 50% off implementation for anyone looking to move to a hosted Exchange solution. If you have any questions or would like to discuss hosted Exchange please call us at 416-966-3306, or email me at [email protected]