Gadget of the Month: LaCie Rugged Raid

By now we all know about external hard drives and their benefits. They store your critical information well, but what happens to your data if you drop it? Will all your information be lost? Will a portion of it disappear?

When buying an external hard drive you should carefully consider the risks, especially if you’re going to be moving the drive around a lot.
Unfortunately, many of the options on the market are basic consumer models. If you drop them or they get shaken enough, it’s not inconceivable that you could lose some or all of your essential data.
Thankfully, there is an alternative out there. It’s called the LaCie Rugged RAID.


This device is not only stylish, it also offers more protection than an average drive.
A standard external drive can only store data in one location, so if it somehow gets deleted or damaged there’s no way to recover it. The LaCie Rugged Raid, on the other hand, mirrors the data onto a redundant drive in the case of a disaster. That way, even if one drive is corrupted your data is still safe.

The Rugged RAID is also heavily drop tested and can withstand up to one ton of pressure, so damaging either drive will be difficult. Even if you somehow manage to damage one of the drives, the backup will be there so your data stays protected!