December Gadget of the Month – Logitech K480 Keyboard


Have you ever thought, “I really like my tablet for portability, but it’s not good enough for serious work,” or “I love my phone, but I hate typing on such a small keyboard”? We have the answer for you.

Maybe you already have a Bluetooth keyboard, but what if you have multiple portable devices? It’s a hassle to disconnect and reconnect different Bluetooth devices to the same keyboard. And having separate keyboards for each device is crazy. That’s why we’ve found the perfect solution.

It’s called the K480 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard by Logitech and it allows you to connect three Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Connect it to your desktop computer, your tablet, and your smartphone by Bluetooth or you can share it with someone.

The K480 supports both Windows and Mac computers and Android and iOS mobile devices. Unfortunately Blackberry users are out of luck for now.

You may be wondering how it can connect to all these devices at once without creating problems. Well, it’s simple. The keyboard has a little knob at the top that lets you select which device you would like to use. It’s that easy!

It has an integrated cradle that will hold a phone and tablet simultaneously and put them at the perfect angle to read while you type.

A great feature for those of you who travel frequently is the long battery life. It’ll last up to 2 years, so chances are you’ll never get caught in a jam. It comes in white and black for the style conscious and it’s only slightly wider than a standard sized sheet of paper so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Given the increased use of portable technologies in the workplace and outside it, devices like these will be increasingly important in the coming years.