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Want To Know For Sure If Your Data Backup Is Truly Keeping Your Data Secure?

Our Free Data Security Analysis Will Reveal the Truth…

At no charge, a security specialist will come on site and…

  • Audit your current data protection including backup and restore procedures, hard drive rotations and maintenance schedule to see if there is anything jeopardizing your data’s security.
  • Review procedures for storage and transportation of data. Many people don’t realize they damage their hard drives and tapes (and thereby corrupt their data) by improperly caring for their storage devices.
  • Check your network backup to make sure they are accurately backing up all of the critical files and information you would NEVER want to lose.
  • Discuss current data protection needs and explain in plain English where your risks are. We know everyone has a different level of risk tolerance, and we want to make sure all the risks you’re taking with your data are by choice not because of miscommunication or accident.

Depending on what we discover, we’ll either give you a clean bill of health or reveal gaps in your data backup that could prove disastrous. If it’s appropriate, we’ll provide you with an action plan for further securing your data with our Business Continuity backup solution.

Even if you have a trusted IT person or company who put your backup solution in place, it never hurts to get a third party to validate that nothing was overlooked, and that everything is working like it should. If you want the straight truth, we’ll report it to you.

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Michael Gladstone

We have been with Connectability for almost two years. They have provided us with great service and the comfort of knowing that if we have a problem, they quite often know about it before we do, and fix it with minimal down time, if any at all.

Michael Gladstone
General Manager
Royal Lighting

“My firm switched to Connectability seven years ago and it was one of the best decisions we made. Their team is always extremely responsive to our needs - however small the problem may be they are always patient and come up with creative solutions. In one instance a key computer was infected with ...Read More

David Fine