Connectability’s Business Basics Plan

Decades ago when computers were first introduced to consumers there were no software vulnerabilities. Years later, as computers, and the internet became more powerful, cybercriminals began to crop up and make life hell for anyone using a computer, but especially for businesses. The threats have changed, but as business owners, have we? Attacks by today’s cybercriminals, while not physically life-threatening, can inflict severe damage to the life and health of your business.

FACT: The odds of a successful cyber-attack against your business today are one in five. And, at a typical cost of $300,000 or more, a full 60% of smaller businesses that suffer a breach shut their doors for good within six months, according to the National Cyber Security Alliance.

The issue with computer networks today is that attacks don’t happen randomly. They are constant and unrelenting. So unless you have the proper protection in place you could be in doo doo.

That’s why we always ask new prospects if they have a PAID subscription with an antivirus and antimalware company, as well as Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software. Without it you’re leaving your network wide open!

Antivirus and antimalware software protect your computers and network from virus and malware infections that slow performance, shorten your computers life span, and even steal or encrypt ALL of your data! RMM software, the least prevalent of the above, is no less critical. It notifies you if you’re running low on disk space; a printer goes offline, or a drive in your server is in danger of failure, and much more.

Problem is, even businesses that have all of the above generally AREN’T keeping them up to date. It does no good to have antivirus or antimalware if you’re not applying updates and patches. Similarly, RMM software doesn’t help you unless you DO SOMETHING about the issues it presents. That’s where we come in.

We’ve been in the IT business for 20 years, and although we think EVERY business should perform (or have someone else perform) regular network maintenance and upgrades, we understand a lot of businesses don’t have the budget for a Managed Services relationship. That’s why we’ve created a Security Package that offers businesses the software protection they need, at a very reasonable price.

In this package you get:

  1. Webroot Antivirus Endpoint Protection
  2. Malwarebytes Anti-malware Premium
  3. Logmein Professional
  4. Continuum Remote Monitoring and Management
  5. Expert technical resources monitoring your network 24/7

You could buy the software individually, but then no one is looking after your network. The real benefit of a security plan isn’t the software, it’s the monitoring performed by a world class IT provider with a proven track record of success. It gives you the peace of mind of knowing someone is proactively managing your network, at under HALF the price of a Partial Fix Managed Services plan.

In the hundreds of environments I’ve seen, almost NONE were applying upgrades and patches regularly. Hackers and cybercriminals often only find out about vulnerabilities when a patch is released to correct it. By ignoring the updates/patches you are leaving your door wide open for a cybercriminal to walk right in.