About Connectability – Toronto IT Services

Mission Statement:

Connectability's mission is to provide high quality IT services and support to small and medium sized businesses through proactive monitoring and management of their IT infrastructure.

Although they don't like to admit it, most IT consultants are one trick ponies: they have only one specialty. They're very good at Microsoft Windows, but they don't know much about Linux. Or they know all about Cloud services, but have no experience with VoiceoverIP (VoIP). At Connectability, we think differently. Your business has more than one need, so we have more than one skill. We have extensive experience with Microsoft, Apple Macintosh, VoIP, Cloud services and more. And just as important, we know how to make these varied technologies talk to each other. That's why we're called Connectability.

Connectability was founded in 1995 by a team of leading Information Technology professionals, with over 70 years of collective experience in providing customers with high-performance, state-of-the-art, computer-based solutions.

Located in midtown Toronto, we specialize in delivering effective and accurate hardware, software and service solutions for all areas of networked computing such as Local Area Networks, Cloud Computing, inter-networking (including the Internet), shared business applications, visual computing and groupware solutions such as Microsoft Exchange.

In our nearly 20 years in business, we have established solid alliances with the top suppliers in the IT industry. We are an IBM Business Partner, a Cisco Partner and an Authorized Reseller for Lenovo, HP, Microsoft, EMC/Mozy, and Red Hat Linux in addition to similar partnerships with many of the industry’s best-known providers of advanced computer and network hardware and software. As a result, we have the industry contacts and expertise required to help our customers achieve the results they need to power their businesses in the twenty-first century.

Our years of experience in working with business customers means that we are uniquely qualified to understand the needs of our partners and to respond to them in a timely, professional and responsible manner.