With our Co-Managed IT services, you gain access to:

  • Cybersecurity – we’ll monitor and manage your cybersecurity and address threats around the clock
  • Hardware and software maintenance – we’ll handle regularly scheduled maintenance and install timely updates across your devices
  • IT support – you can contact us whenever you have any IT issues or queries and we’ll help you resolve them
  • Network monitoring – our team will watch over your network infrastructure 24/7/365
  • Data backup – focus on growth while we ensure your data is securely backed up at all times

A single IT professional or a small IT team can quickly get overwhelmed with work when it comes to scaling up your business or dealing with more complex IT tasks and providing uninterrupted IT support.

With Co-Managed IT services from Connectability, your in-house IT team will be able to work closely with our experienced engineers to cover all your technology needs. We’ll complement your team and help out in areas where we are needed the most to ensure your business IT is always working at peak performance.

Sometimes all you need is the right kind of assistance

Solutions need to adapt to challenges and problems, that’s why we believe in offering our clients the assistance they need for their particular issues. Instead of investing in expensive personnel additions, why not help your IT employees by giving them the manpower and resources they need to get things done?

By choosing Connectability’s Co-Managed IT services, your team will get the boost they need to fill the technology gaps instead of overinvesting. We’ll follow your team’s lead and help meet your growing IT needs for a reasonable monthly fee.

Co-Managed IT services from Connectability meets your technology needs without breaking the bank.

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