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If this letter struck a chord and you want to explore how (if?) a co-managed IT relationship would benefit you, I’d like to send you our Free Guide To Co-Managed IT:

This guide features in-depth details about co-managed IT and provides answers to frequently asked questions, important information about picking the right IT firm to partner with as well as details on how you can develop a better, more productive relationship with your IT manager.

This is NOT just a “brochure,” but an informative report about how to run the most efficient, SECURE and responsive IT department possible – and it belongs in your hands.

You'll discover...

  • 1. Is my IT person or team 100% utilized, efficient and as productive as they should be? We have professional tools that will give you visibility into their activities and allow you to track time against work, as well as how efficiently they are performing their job, what activities they are spending the most time on and whether or not they are maxed out, based on tangible data.
  • 2. Are you overspending and not getting your money’s worth in any aspect of IT?.
  • 3. Do you have sufficient redundancy and documented systems and processes in your IT department to avoid a single point of failure?
  • 4. Are you TRULY prepared and protected against a ransomware attack or other cyber security breach? Could you recover quickly? Are you meeting compliance regulations?

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Here Are Just A Few Other IT Managers We’ve Helped

Michael Issaev

The biggest benefit of working with Connectability is that we are no longer dependent on the availability of our small in-house IT infrastructure and support team to have a comfortable feeling that our IT is taken care of. Connectability truly works as an in-house employee would in the sense that we don’t need to go through SOW process each time we have an initiative: project work is often undertaken as part of their monthly services. Try Connectability if you want to sleep well at night and not worry about your IT support expenses fluctuating every month. The CEO really cares about client satisfaction and is very approachable.

Michael Issaev
Chief Technology Officer
Patient News

Marian Bukal

The biggest benefit we’ve gotten from working with Connectability is their reliability. When a system is down, Connectability makes it a priority to get it back up and running ASAP with minimal business hours down time. Whenever we have noticed a server down outside ...Read More

Marian Bukal
Chief Technology Officer
Plastic Dress-Up Inc. & DVI Lighting

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Who Is Ted Shafran?

A computer science graduate of York University, Ted founded Connectability Inc. in 1995, with a focus on providing end-to-end support for business IT needs. Prior to that he was founder, President and CEO of KTS Business Systems Inc. in Toronto, a large Systems Integrator and software developer more