Client Spotlight: Fueling Station

The Fueling Station, one of our Fully Managed services customers runs a very unique and technologically complex business. They specialize in providing entrepreneurs and other small businesses with a co-working space where they can support and serve their customers without the expense of running an entire office.

Because of potential security risks, each business requires separate access to the internet, so a complex network of highly secure wireless access points (AP’s) is required. One of these small businesses was experiencing some issues with Internet, so we replaced the existing AP with something more professional and reconfigured it to give them the performance they needed.

Because they’re on a Managed Services plan, we took back and returned the old hardware and replaced it with a new device at no additional cost. Many IT providers will demand that their customers pay restocking fees for returned equipment. However, we believe that a Managed Services plan should have no surprises. That’s why we provide full-service IT support to all of our MS customers.