Client Spotlight: Find A Trusted Partner

Recently a customer approached us about a managed security (firewall) plan, to protect their business from a growing number of cyber threats. We had been evaluating a product for some time, and our in-house testing yielded very positive results so we decided it was time to try it in a production environment. Right away the device behaved oddly, and rather than waste the customer’s time, we found a better solution. Since the initial solution wasn’t successful, it wasn’t fair to punish the customer for the additional work required.

Unfortunately, a lot of IT companies will charge customers for these unexpected “technical difficulties” instead of taking responsibility. Sometimes things just don’t work. But that doesn’t mean you should be on the hook for thousands of dollars because of an issue that wasn’t your fault. That’s why, when it comes to your critical IT equipment, you NEED a trustworthy provider who will not take part in “finger-pointing” and will make sure your technical resources are available when you need them. If this sounds like something novel, give us a try! We’re just a call or click away!