Client Spotlight Beware of Ransomware

Recently we got a call from a local business that was in trouble. Their server, with all their accounting data had crashed and wouldn’t boot. When we arrived onsite the problem became obvious: the server was infected with Ransomware. Without paying an unscrupulous hacker, there was no way of getting it to start again.

They’re now our newest customer, and they were very lucky! They had a recent backup so we got them back up and running on a new server! But first we had to remove the Malware from their network, even though their previous IT provider was supposed to provide AntiVirus protection.

It’s important to remember not all IT consultants are equally vigilant. To ensure you’re protected against a Ransomware attack make sure your network has the latest security software and is being monitored 24x7x365. Give us a call for more information on ransomware and other malware infections.