Why You Should Choose Lenovo? A Consumer’s Guide To Hardware Purchases

When you buy a new computer, what matters most?

Is it performance? Or perhaps it’s design? Or energy efficiency?

We’re not saying those things are unimportant. But if you can’t depend on your computer to work when you need it, every time you need it, then the fastest computer in the world, or the best looking one, or the most energy-efficient won’t do you much good.

That’s why Lenovo is Connectability’s first choice for hardware.


After buying IBM’s PC business in 2005, Lenovo has become the largest manufacturer of PCs, tablets and phones in the world. They are ranked 286 on the Fortune Global 500, ahead of companies like Oracle, Morgan Stanley, DuPont, American Express and other giants.

There are plenty of large PC manufacturers, and over the years we have also sold some of those competing products. So why is Lenovo our brand of choice?

Let’s start with a simple assumption: computers are all pretty much alike. They use the same basic components and run the same software and operating systems. So what differentiates one manufacturer from another?

The only thing that really matters is reliability and responsiveness. Over the 19 years we’ve been selling Lenovo products, we have had very few problems. Many Lenovo computers that we’ve sold are still operating perfectly 4, 5 and even 8 years later. In our experience, that’s not something we can say about many of their competitors.

Just as important, when we do have problems, support is provided immediately and effectively by IBM’s worldwide, class-leading service and maintenance organization. No hassles, no arguments; just professional, expert service.

Unfortunately, we can’t say the same thing about some of Lenovo’s competitors. Without naming names, there are a few hardware manufacturers we no longer do business with, precisely because they failed to take our customers’ concerns seriously.

The most important factor when choosing a business technology company is not whether it’s the cheapest, or the most cutting-edge. It is choosing technology that works, day-in and day-out. And while Lenovo is a great innovator, it’s their rock-solid reliability and their commitment to customer service excellence that makes them stand out.

That’s why they’ve been our go-to technology supplier for 19 years!