Let’s Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday!

The summer is FINALLY here. And with the summer comes the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday! America may be known as the land of the free, but as Canadians we enjoy some freedoms that few other countries in the world can match.
To celebrate, we wanted to offer you some more “freedoms”!

6 Freedoms You Get When You Work With Connectability

  1. Freedom from hackers, viruses, malware and ransomware
  2. Freedom from worrying about IT (You can focus on YOUR business!)
  3. Freedom from being nickeled and dimed
  4. Freedom from spending time fixing your own IT problems
  5. Freedom from rude or unresponsive technicians
  6. And finally, freedom from the FIRST MONTH OF FEES!

Sign up for a Managed Services Agreement before July 31st and get your first month of service completely FREE!

If you’re looking to reduce costs, improve your IT capabilities, minimize issues and protect yourself from a variety of cybersecurity threats this offer is just what you need.

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Protect your business from hackers and cyber threats while making IT do more for your business. Sign up for Managed Services and get your first month completely FREE!


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Dependable And Available Whenever You Need Support

Dependable And Available Whenever You Need Support

Connectability is always ready to help whenever you need it. IT issues happen at all hours of the day and the staff at Connectability understand that it is critical to get your IT infrastructure operating for your business hours.

Marian Bukal
IT Director
Plastic Dress-Up

IT Solutions With Outstanding Performance

IT Solutions With Outstanding Performance

My school switched to Connectability about two years ago. As a school, we have some specific needs for network and servers. We had several service providers before we found Connectability. None of them is anywhere close to Connectability’s performance level. The solutions provided are always creative, reliable, effective, secure and cost-effective. Their team has always been responsive, knowledgeable and very attentive to our needs.

George Zhang
IT Support and Management Associate
Beijing New Oriental Training Inc.