Back Up Your Data!!!

Have you ever wondered if you’re taking the proper precautions to back up your data? And what would happen if you don’t? Here’s a story that perfectly demonstrates why cloud backup is so important, and how it can save you in a disaster.

Last week, one of our occasional customers experienced a hard drive failure. And since they couldn’t afford to lose their data we had to send it to a data recovery company. That one hard drive repair cost them a whopping $2,300; and that doesn’t include the cost of downtime!

The cloud backup services we recommend typically run between $35 and $300 per month, but varies depending on needs and company size. Most small organizations could pay for 5 1/2 years of server backup for the price of just one data recovery service.

It’s easy to think this kind of thing will never happen to you, but remember: prevention is a lot cheaper than recovery.