Anchorworks Cloud Solution

Over the past several years I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about “the cloud” and may be wondering how you can leverage this technology to improve the productivity and security of your business. It seems a new cloud solutions surfaces every day and it can often be very difficult to determine what option is best for your needs.

At Connectability we use and have used many different providers and we continue to look at new entrants in the market, but one we’re especially fond of is the “Synced Tool” solution from Anchorworks. Many cloud solutions utilize secure encryption and back up technologies, but “Synced Tool” offers some additional features that set it apart.

  • It allows you to set up file sharing permissions called “Team Shares”. Team shares allow you to share certain files to a specific group of people. A team working on a project needs access to certain data, while the rest of the organization may not. Additionally, confidential information exists in every organization and since you don’t want to share everything with everyone you can determine exactly who should and shouldn’t have access.
  • It offers file locking to prevent unwanted changes. In a team environment where multiple users could be working on the same document at once, changes are often made simultaneously, making it difficult to know what changes were made when and by who. With file locking, only one person can make changes at a time, leading to less problem resolution and more productivity.
  • It works as both a sharing and backup solution. The cloud can be used for both storing and sharing critical business data, but often cloud solutions can only do one or the other well. The Synced Tool fortunately not only backs up all of your important information, but also gives the correct people access to the correct documents, only when it’s not currently being altered.
  • It takes snapshots of your data at different points in time. If you delete a file, but you don’t realize it until 3 weeks later what do you do? Most cloud solutions are backed up several times a day, so by the time you realize, the file is gone for good. With Synced Tool you can actually look at the historical backups and find missing documents. All you need to do is look at the backups from 3 weeks ago and voila you’ve recovered your missing file.
  • It allows you to send large individual files. If you’ve tried sending a file to a friend or colleague you know that email doesn’t generally support large file transmissions. Other cloud providers allow you to share folders, but generally sharing a large individual file is impossible.

These are just a few of the reasons we use Synced Tool to back up and share our critical business information. We’ve used many of the major players in the cloud market but this solution fits our needs the best. We’re still familiar with and more than happy to work with other cloud vendors if the solution fits with your organizational needs. We’re constantly researching new cloud solutions so if a new offering surfaces, we analyze it to see if our clients and business partners can benefit from it.