Top Tips On How To Prevent Your Smart Cameras From Being Hacked

Smart cameras have been under attack from hackers for years. In fact, one popular smart camera system (the Amazon Ring) had a security flaw that allowed hackers to get into homeowners’ networks. That issue has since been patched, but the risk of being hacked still exists.

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Antivirus Isn’t Enough- Hunt for Vulnerabilities Instead

The world has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, and technology is at the forefront of that evolution. In the recent past, businesses were concerned primarily with their physical security: locking their doors, setting the alarm, making sure they have video surveillance, etc.

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FREE Educational Webinar: Is Your Cloud Data Really Backed Up?

Everyone stores data in the cloud. You might not fully understand it the cloud, but if you upload documents on Google Docs, send and receive emails through Gmail or O365, use Dropbox to share files, or post pictures or comments on Facebook or Instagram, then you are storing data in the cloud.

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Online Banking: Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Money Safe

People’s needs are constantly changing, but one thing is certain: everyone needs more time, and any solution that offers it is going to be used in droves. Enter online banking. Busy people are no longer forced to wait in line at the bank to deposit funds, make transfers, or pay bills.

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How To Hack-Proof Your Devices

As technology advances, businesses around the world are evolving to leverage these improvements. One of the biggest shifts in the technology landscape over the past decade is the increased use of mobile devices. Mobile devices allow employees to work from anywhere, offering your business increased productivity and efficiency.

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