Top Tips On How To Prevent Your Smart Cameras From Being Hacked

Smart cameras have been under attack from hackers for years. In fact, one popular smart camera system (the Amazon Ring) had a security flaw that allowed hackers to get into homeowners’ networks. That issue has since been patched, but the risk of being hacked still exists.

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4 ways you can stay connected with your team and thrive while working remotely

It goes without saying, but the last 4 months have significantly shifted the way businesses operate. Most businesses have transitioned to a remote workforce and are well into the process of establishing a new “norm” for their teams. Employees are setting up home offices, organizing their days, and are trying to remain productive.

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Bored at home? Try this!

People the world over are being asked to self-isolate and practice social distancing. It’s been over a month since schools and non-essential workplaces shut down or began operating remotely. People are avoiding human contact as much as possible, and for good reason.

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