In the aftermath of a recent eye-opening CBC Marketplace report, exposing privacy breaches at major repair stores like Best Buy and Mobile Klinik, the need for a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that champions client confidentiality has never been more critical. Connectability rises to the occasion as your go-to MSP, ensuring the security of your tech devices. Here’s why you should consider Connectability:

  1. Protecting Your Data: As highlighted in the CBC report, technicians at prominent repair stores accessed intimate photos and private information not relevant to the repair. Connectability understands the gravity of this breach of trust and guarantees that your personal data is handled with the utmost care. Your information is protected from unauthorized access.
  2. Transparency in Operations: The report underscored a concerning lack of transparency in the operations of some repair stores. At Connectability, transparency is at the core of our values. You’re fully informed about any access to your data, keeping you in the loop throughout the repair process.
  3. Adapting for Enhanced Security: Recent revelations brought to light technicians copying personal photos onto USB keys and erasing any traces of their actions. Connectability takes these findings seriously and has implemented measures to prevent such actions. You’re choosing a provider that prioritizes accountability and security.
  4. Privacy Education for Clients: Recent revelations highlighted the alarming extent of privacy breaches by technicians. Connectability not only provides services but also empowers clients through education. Gain insights into best practices for securing your digital assets, ensuring a proactive approach to your tech security.
  5. Connectability’s Commitment to Client Trust: With incidents involving major repair chains like Canada Computers, Best Buy, and others, it’s evident that not all service providers prioritize client trust. Choose Connectability as your reliable partner, offering a secure and trustworthy solution for all your managed service needs. Entrust your devices to a team that places your privacy and security at the forefront of its services.