Doesn’t every business owner want more efficient ways to attract loyal customers and encourage repeat sales? If so, you’ll likely benefit from using personalized email marketing with AI. 

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about AI email marketing, how to use it, and what your business could gain from this powerful new tool.

What Is AI Email Marketing?

Email marketing remains an effective method of digital marketing. However, artificial intelligence now helps businesses to do it far more effectively. 

AI has limitations. Still, it can help you master email marketing in far less time, freeing up your employees to do other jobs that need a human touch.

Using AI To Hit All the Right Notes In Your Email Campaigns

How could you use AI-powered email campaigns? Try the following:


Personalized email automation performs far better than generalized campaigns. Customers relate better to and engage more with content directly addressing their interests and needs. Because AI is unrivaled when it comes to processing large volumes of user data, it can quickly and effectively tailor each email to engage that subscriber.

Demographic Targeting

Demographic targeting is a fundamental small business email strategy. This segments your customers into specific groups based on interests, demographics, purchase history, etc. Targeted email campaigns have a higher rate of open emails and responses as customers quickly realize how your products or services solve their problems.


Using personalized email marketing with AI for small businesses allows you to optimize your email content on multiple levels, such as:

  • Subject line: Your subject line convinces people to open the email. It’s one of the most common touchpoints where email campaigns fail. AI uses natural language processing and customer demographics to optimize and, according to Phrasee, increase open rates by up to 10%.
  • Content: What’s in the email? Content is how you convince subscribers to spend money. AI can adjust the email’s readability, tone, and persuasive language to turn subscribers into buyers.
  • Time: When will your customers most likely check and open their emails? AI figures this out and schedules the emails at the optimal time.


With automated email personalization, you can streamline email tasks, including scheduling, A/B testing, reporting, and managing the subscriber list. This frees up your marketing team to engage in more creative tasks that can pay dividends.

Benefits of Automated Email Campaigns

What are some of the benefits of using machine learning in email marketing?

Revenue Increases

AI has a proven history of increasing revenue. Customers engage with on-point emails, click through to your site and buy. Hotel Chocolat increased its revenue by 25% utilizing AI, and countless other businesses are following that trend.

Better Customer Engagement

Increased customer engagement has benefits beyond just improving sales. For instance, engaged customers are loyal, recommend your business to others, and leave quality reviews.

Data-Driven Growth

Personalized email marketing with AI for small businesses helps you use data to scale your business. Use AI algorithms to alter your content strategy, inventory, and branding effectively. The possibilities are endless.


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