Keeping your network safe from malicious activity and hacking is one of the biggest focuses for any IT professional. The newest security update to Microsoft’s Defender for Endpoint aims to make cybersecurity measures easier. Learn what Microsoft Defender’s security upgrade entails and how it can impact your business in this helpful guide. 


The Damaging Effects of Cyber Attacks 

Many business owners find running their business challenging enough without the added threat of cyber attacks. You must always stay on guard from bad actors who try to steal sensitive information or disrupt your network. In today’s digital age, hackers discover more ways to harm businesses through malware, phishing attacks, ransomware, and more. 

If you become a victim of a cyber attack, you’ll have to face the devastating fallout, including:

  • Widespread breaches of data
  • Possible identity theft
  • Financial loss
  • Lengthy business interruptions
  • Loss of customer loyalty

Endpoint security programs like Microsoft’s Defender help business leaders stop cyber attacks in their tracks. These platforms combine all your cybersecurity and privacy controls into one dashboard. With an endpoint security program, you don’t have to worry about installing separate software that tackles a specific type of threat, such as malware vs. ransomware. 

Highlights of Microsoft Defender’s Security Upgrade

The popular Microsoft Defender for Endpoint program has impressive security features in its new update. If you want to know how this program can keep your business safe, learn about the new features it uses to block threats. 

Contain User Tool

How exactly does an endpoint program like Microsoft Defender kill a potential cyber threat before it escalates? The latest upgrade features a “contain user” tool that blocks access to accounts that show signs of suspicious activity. The program will quickly cut off all endpoints and resources for that account should it turn out to be a cybercriminal looking to attack your system. 

Blocking All Traffic

Since Defender for Endpoint serves all network devices with a connection to the internet, any account you want to sign in with will not work if it detects suspicious activity. The program runs the following commands to contain malicious users so they can’t move laterally to impose more damage. 

The Defender update, which is available in the latest version of Windows, makes the program send a signal to its workloads, including:

  • Software as a service apps
  • Emails
  • Endpoints

This helps businesses of all sizes because it automatically disrupts possible attacks in their earliest stages. Microsoft’s developers say that this update can significantly reduce the risk of threats and stop potential attacks with high confidence. Completely blocking users from the system leaves them no option but to leave the business alone. 

Deploy New Security Updates To Protect Your Business

Installing Microsoft Defender’s security upgrade will give you real-time protection from cybercriminals who want to steal your information. This is one of the many helpful innovations that keep businesses safe from harm. Contact our technology experts today for more information on updates that can protect your organization from hackers. 


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