How Cyber Criminals Use the Dark Web, and Why It Matters To Your Business

How Cyber Criminals Use the Dark Web, and Why It Matters To Your Business

If your password to your bank portal, or email account were breached, how would you know? Well, if you’re like most businesses, you wouldn’t, unless and until a cybercriminal or malicious actor chooses to use your password for some nefarious purpose.

Most businesses understand the importance of cyber-security and invest regularly to strengthen their level of protection. You likely already have a business-grade Antivirus program running on your employee’s computers (and your servers), and chances are you also have a business-grade firewall installed on your network to block external attacks. Unfortunately, what a lot of businesses lack is any kind of cyber security monitoring. Most tools are centered around PREVENTING infections. Unfortunately, hackers are a crafty bunch and are constantly finding new way to break into your computers and network. And the fact of the matter is, there are NO tools out there capable of preventing all infections with 100% certainty. If there were, you can bet there would be far fewer news articles and exposes covering the most recent major data breach.

This is where things tie into The Dark Web. The Dark Web is a place where cyber criminals act as buyers and sellers. Some Dark Web sites focus on the illegal sale of physical items like weapons, drugs, and even people, while other sites are more interested in the sale of data.

For example, some Dark Web sites sell stolen credit card information. In fact, they offer multiple options: you can purchase verified cards, or unverified cards. You can even differentiate between the TYPE of card you want to buy, whether that is personal or business. So, if you’re a criminal looking for a verified card with a high credit limit, you can specifically look for business cards, as banks don’t monitor spending as closely as they do on personal accounts.  These sites also specialize in the purchase of confidential information like usernames, passwords, social insurance numbers, and even bank account numbers.

Ultimately, there are many ways a hacker can gain access to this information. They could access it through a phishing attack, a vendor breach, social engineering, etc. So, while you still need advanced cybersecurity solutions in place now, how would you know if your data WAS breached and accessible on the Dark Web?

This is ultimately the reason the Dark Web matters to your business. Your credentials can be breached in any number of ways, by any member of your team. If just ONE password is breached for a critical account and ends up on the Dark Web, your entire organization could be compromised. If you don’t even KNOW you’ve been breached, how can you take the necessary precautions to secure your business? The simple answer is: you can’t.

I wrote this article for this specific purpose: to educate business owners and executives of the need for ongoing monitoring. If your data ends up on the Dark Web, you need an early warning system so you can change passwords, engage your IT provider, and determine where you are vulnerable, BEFORE you are breached – not after it’s too late.

If you’d like to learn more about The Dark Web and how you can secure your business, we recommend reading our Free Report: How Cyber Criminals Use The Dark Web To Steal Your Data And Access Your Network, And How You Can Stop Them. It should give you a better picture of the various threats, your vulnerability, and proactive ways you can fill in those gaps. To download, fill in the form above.