Multi Factor Authentication Is More Important Now Than Ever!

Multi Factor Authentication Is More Important Now Than Ever!

Most applications require you to have username and password in order to login and access your account. This is known as single factor authentication, because you only require one piece of “authentication” in the form of a password.

Single factor authentication (SFA) was the standard for a long time, but that is changing fast. While SFA is fast and easy, it’s not the most secure method for locking down accounts. Most people tend to use weak, easy-to-guess passwords (like birthdays and pet names) or use the same password for all their accounts. While it’s easier to remember 1 password than it is to remember dozens, it also means that if someone gets your password, they have control over virtually your entire digital life. That’s one of the reasons that a new standard has emerged over the last few years.

This new standard is called Multi-Factor authentication, or MFA.  MFA immediately increases your security by requiring multiple forms of “authentication” to prove your identity when signing into an application.

There are three elements that can be used in MFA:

  • Something the user knows: like a password or a pin number
  • Something the user has: like a device
  • Something the user is: like a fingerprint, optics, or voice

By having two or more components to validate your identity, you are adding another layer of protection to make it difficult for hackers to steal your data and compromise your identity. MFA significantly reduces the risk of an unauthorized user accessing your systems and data.

To learn about the 3 benefits of multi-factor authentication, and how it can protect you and your business from a cyber attack, watch this video now! And if you haven’t already done so, make sure to enable MFA on all your accounts. Remember, a cyber criminal only needs to breach ONE account and they could gain access to all company or personal data contained on your computer, or in one of your online accounts.

If you would like to discuss how to add multi factor authentication to your business, please give us a call at (416) 966-3306. If you are interested in learning more about cyber security and some simple things you can do to protect your business, please check out our report:The 7 Urgent And Critical Protections Every Small And Medium Sized Business Must Have In Place Now.