The Importance Of Having A Business Continuity Plan

The Importance Of Having A Business Continuity Plan

Companies face many new and unforeseen challenges on a daily, weekly and monthly basis - take COVID-19 for example. Every year, the number and frequency of cyber security attacks increase, leaving businesses susceptible to damages and ultimately fighting to stay afloat. That’s why a disaster recovery plan is so critical. If you and your team know how to respond in an emergency, your chances of survival and success are greatly improved. The aim is simply to recover as quickly as possible from a disaster and get back to work.

Businesses tend to ignore Disaster Recovery for 2 reasons:

  1. They believe that their employees will know what to do in an emergency. And,
  2. It’s just not a priority right now.

Unfortunately, both perspectives are dangerous. Even with the smartest, most diligent employees, you need a recovery strategy to guide them through the proper steps they need to take in an emergency. Emergencies vary widely, and your employees need to know the tactics and procedures to follow for each one. For example, what do you do if there’s a fire at the workplace, or if there’s a Ransomware attack, or a robbery? Although you can’t predict every disaster, there are a few guidelines that should be followed to protect your business.

If you want to learn about the 3 critical components to include in your business continuity plan, watch this video now. If you’re looking for some more information, next steps, and things you can do right now to implement a business continuity plan, then you’ll want to check out our Disaster Recovery Planning Template. You can find it at or give us a call at (416) 966-3306.