4 Simple Ways To Secure Your Password

June 17th, 2020
4 Simple Ways To Secure Your Password

Whenever you leave your house or office, you probably follow a variation of the same routine: you gather anything you might need, then you lock the doors and activate the alarm system. The chances that someone will try to break in overnight are probably low, but you can never be sure, so you take precautions just in case. The same should be true of the way you protect your digital accounts. It’s vital that you secure your business so that cyber criminals don’t break in and steal your confidential information. This starts with secure passwords.

Secure passwords must be long and complex, and you should never use the same password for multiple accounts.  At a BARE MINIMUM you should have one password for low-security accounts like Facebook, and another one for your most confidential accounts like your bank.

Passwords are the keys to your business. If you use the same password for numerous accounts, and a cybercriminal finds out your password they can search through your data and cause chaos. To protect your business and minimize your risks of a cyber-attack, you cannot take an “It won’t happen to me” or “I’ve never had any problems before” approach. If you’re serious about protecting your business from a frustrating, time-consuming, and embarrassing cyber-incident, then password security is the best place to start. Watch the video below to learn 4 tips for securing your business.

If you need assistance, or would like to discuss password security and management, just give us a call and we can help.  Don’t put your business at risk- act NOW!