Microsoft Teams: 3 Tips To Increase Your Focus Time

Microsoft Teams: 3 Tips To Increase Your Focus Time

There’s no doubt about it, remote employees can make communication and collaboration a challenge. In a traditional office environment, you can walk across the office and chat with Jim about last weeks sales reports, but now with your team dispersed, you might need to find some new ways to communicate.

Microsoft Teams is one solution. It allows you to keep in touch with your team no matter where they are. You can hold online meetings and calls, chat with your colleagues, or send out broadcasts to your entire team. You can even share a document with a colleague and work on it together. Microsoft Teams has everything you need to productively connect with your team.

You can also take Teams wherever you are by using the mobile application when you’re on the go. Or if you need to avoid outside distractions, you can silence all your notifications during your focus period.

You probably already know the basics of Microsoft Teams, but if you want to learn how you can collaborate better, improve your focus, and feel more connected, then check out these 3 tips and tricks that you can use to become an expert.

We have also put together a Quick Start guide that you can use to learn more about Microsoft Teams. Download the guide at