Remove Your Vulnerabilities Once And For All!

Remove Your Vulnerabilities Once And For All!

Every business is different. What is true for a multi-national is likely not true for a sole proprietor, or even a small to medium sized business. The one thing that is true for EVERY business is that they ALL need to be worried about cyber security. Hackers are patiently waiting to break into your systems and steal your data – regardless of your size. If major companies who invest millions every year on their cyber security are being breached, I can guarantee that you are a target, and an easier one at that. In fact, more cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses because the defenses are so much weaker.

That’s why your business NEEDS to implement cyber security protections. You should be, and probably are, using business-grade antivirus software, multi-factor authentication, and an advanced firewall. These tools can identify and remove viruses and malware your computers, servers, and network, but they don’t do it all.

To fully protect your business, you need to identify the entry points cyber criminals use to gain access to your computers and plug it - FAST. If you don’t, then hackers will keep coming back. That’s where Huntress comes in. Huntress is an Advanced Threat Detection Tool. It hunts for any foot holds in your business and provides a report with instructions on how to remove the vulnerability. Without an advanced threat protection solution your business is more susceptible to cyber threats.

In this video, Ted Shafran covers how huntress works, and why you should add it to your cyber defenses NOW!

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