Is Your Cloud Data REALLY Backed Up? Learn How To Protect and Secure Your Confidential Information

Is Your Cloud Data REALLY Backed Up? Learn How To Protect and Secure Your Confidential Information

Everyone has data in the cloud – that includes YOU! If you share documents using Google Docs, save and work on files in Dropbox, share photos on Facebook, or send emails through Office 365 or Gmail then you are using the cloud.

Your data is everything. If your data were accidentally, or intentionally, deleted by an employee, or held for Ransom by a hacker, you could lose all your private business data and might have to close shop for good – depending on the severity of the data loss. That’s why it is so important to have a backup solution for your business. Most people know to protect their server data, but what they don’t realize is that backing up your cloud storage is just as important.

Having a cloud backup for your business allows you to recover data that was lost due to a disaster, hardware failure, or disgruntled employees. For instance, if an employee leaves on bad terms or deletes critical information from their computer, and you weren’t aware within a month or two, then you’ve likely lost that information for good. Now, you’re probably thinking “It’s already in the cloud, so why do I need backups? Isn’t the cloud already backed up?” I have some bad news for you. Most cloud storage applications include only limited retention periods. In fact, data retention is aimed more at protecting the provider (Microsoft in the case of O365), not your data.

So, cloud storage does NOT equal cloud backup. That’s why you need to know the difference. Cloud storage means that your data is STORED in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere, so long as you have an internet connection. If you use programs like Office 365 and G-suite, your data is stored in the cloud NOT backed up. Cloud backup means that your data is BACKED UP and has a redundant version that can be restored in the event of an emergency, cyber attack, or a negligent employee.

Anyone can experience data loss. If you value your company data, you SHOULD be backing up your cloud files. If you’re concerned about the security and recoverability of your data, then watch this video “Is Your Cloud Data Really Backed Up? Learn how To Protect and Secure Your Confidential Information”. Watch the video below to learn why your business needs an effective backup solution and mail filtering tools – specifically Dropsuite and Proofpoint, you can use to protect your data. Dropsuite backs up your entire Office 365 site. It protects you from accidental deletion, data loss, and cyber attacks. Proofpoint is used to prevent breaches and downtime from happening in the first place. It has email filtering, archiving, and encryption. Remember, a small investment in proper backup and security can protect your business from a very expensive data loss or breach.