Cloud Storage Vs. Cloud Backup: Know The Difference

Cloud Storage Vs. Cloud Backup: Know The Difference


Everyone has data in the cloud. That includes you - even if you don’t know it!

If you post pictures to Facebook or Instagram, upload and share documents using Google Docs, send or receive emails through Gmail or Outlook, or you use ANY internet connected application on your Android or Apple smartphone, then your data is in the cloud.

The cloud is effectively a service that uses the internet to connect you to a network of servers. When connected, these servers allow you to store, manage, share, and process your data, all without the need to maintain and support an inhouse server.

The cloud has grown tremendously since its inception, and businesses are adopting it as their primary method of backup, and for good reason! In the cloud, your data is backed up and stored in multiple servers across several data centers. This gives you a level of redundancy you just can’t get with an in-house solution. If one data center is flooded or burned to the ground, no worries, your data is still safe and accessible. Here are 2 more advantages of cloud backup:

1. It’s simple!

You pick your cloud storage provider and determine which documents and applications you want backed up. Once the service is installed and configured, you can go back to working, and your data is stored and encrypted automatically. And if you have an IT provider, they will work with you to find the best backup provider for your needs. They will also check you backups regularly to ensure they are running correctly.

2. Scalability

As your business grows, you don’t have to worry about whether you will have enough capacity to meet your future needs. With the cloud, you can always expand it! You can also save on costs because you don’t need to shell out money on a new server or RAID array any time you are nearing your maximum storage capacity. Finally, you don’t need to replace your server every 3-4 years, so you can minimize your capital expenditure, while using the right tools for your business.

Cloud backup is THE BEST way to ensure your company data is recoverable in the case of a disaster or hardware failure. That said, it’s extremely important to know the difference between cloud storage and cloud backup. They sound similar, but I promise you they do very different things. Cloud storage means your data is in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere, so long as you have an internet connection. Cloud backup, on the other hand, means that you have a redundant version of your current data that can be restored in the event of a hardware failure or emergency.

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